Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's the sun and moon

Tomorrow we cheer the moment.
Tonight we celebrate.
Today we embrace the light of rising sun.

Yesterday we fought until the battle end.
Before yesterday, we holding hands, as together pray
Those are not the last day we sat under the dim moonlight
I remember how the moon smile toward her solitude.
How the star collapse to another with a little splash.
How i begin to cheer before the glorious victory.

It's not yet a victory before that fucking battle.
The journey not end tomorrow.
Yet we live in Sorrow but
i'll enjoy the moment under the sun
and a moment later I cheer it with the moon.


Pesanan Penaja.
Friday. jgn lupa semayang jumaat.
Thursday. Jgn lupa mandi Wajib.

Ingat pesan Abah.