Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some snow will be nice

He gathered all the stuff but he dont know where to go. Suddenly he sat on the wooden chair. Rain start to fall out of window.

He gonna sleep for a while,

"Dad will never come back".
"Mom still snores in bed"
"I've to run from this mess"

Honesty is just a juvenile when someone you trust betray and make you loss your weight. This is the bad week and he thought"

"Some snow will be nice"

Rest in peace.
Allayarham Syukri

Until we meet again at the district of honesty pal.
Also lot of loves to wan,syami,danish,k-rul, and uzair

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Karma isn't bitch

Biar nampak jahat tapi baik.
Biar nampak liar tapi sopan.
Biar nampak rakus tapi sabar.
Biar nampak huduh tapi hensem.
Biar nampak menggelabah tapi cool.

Biar nampak jahat tapi baik.