Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Losing my passion or patient or whatever you want to call

“I have loss my passions except passion for woman and sex” – Jonathan Enterpre

The title looks very ambiguous right? Yes, I make it look like that because sometime I like to write or wrote (whatever the grammar is I don’t care) something that is palpable. This evening, I questioned my generous classmate Nizam omar about his passion in photography. Then he replied, okay dear, I bought my camera and i took every picture. I posted my photograph at my group in facebook and some friends will comment about the photos. What makes me envy and more passionate is, others friend’s picture is cooler/nicer than me. I met lot of friend there. They positively critics and comments on my picture and I see what my weaknesses. I also learn a new technique. They encouraged me. So, I just wanna be like them. I want to take pictures.

Okay, Nizam Omar said that and it actually open up my mind a little.

As the red sun vanished behind ICT today and November seem to be a rainy month, I pictured myself in the previous month before the third semester end. Life don’t seem so nice at all. Mom still sick, and I was thinking about running away from my duty as a father’s helper in managing his business. I completed my 4 months course in every Pasar Tani in Selangor. During fasting month I served my father at Ampang as a cookies seller. I get paid. I thought it was worthy and I patiently waiting for September. I am eager to continue this fourth semester. Which is right know, in present.

And right know I just finished reading article about Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cyrus and Alex the great which is not so great and mislead. The point is I cannot hesitate this fucking mattress. My passion is sleeping you moron. I hope that I can sleep for one week and next time I wake up it will be Saturday. It’s a football time baby!

Seriously I’m loss.